Meth labs can be found anywhere. They have been discovered in rural areas, large cities, suburban neighborhoods, small towns, homes, apartments, hotels, restaurants – EVERYWHERE. Some labs are portable and can fit inside a backpack.  Labs can be found in all socioeconomic areas.  This is a problem of epic proportion and danger.  When the chemicals used in manufacturing meth are combined, they can ignite, causing explosions, fires and the release of toxic fumes.  The cooking and smoking process create poisonous gasses and hazardous by-products.  These materials are dumped into standard plumbing systems or outdoors.  The liquids that are disposed of in bathtubs, toilets, and sinks typically leave stains, and the harmful residue can remain for a very long time, even years!  Vapors permeate plaster, wood and other porous items.  The result of cooking meth and its toxic by-products can causes irreparable damage to the environment and drinking water, and can be extremely harmful to humans and animals.  It is important to know how to spot a meth lab and to know what to do if you suspect you have encountered one.

What to look for:   

Common items used in manufacturing meth:

What to do if you suspect a meth lab:

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